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Hongda Petrochemical is a large chemical enterprise in Northeast China that takes carbon products as raw materials. The registered capital of the enterprise is 5 million yuan and the fixed assets are 80 million yuan. Our factory is located in the central part of China's Liaoxi corridor, 5km away from Huludao City Center and 2km away from Beijing Shenyang Expressway. Jinzhou port is 25 kilometers to the south, and Huludao port is only 10 kilometers away. The famous Qinhuangdao port is 120 kilometers westward along the Shenshan expressway, which has a superior geographical environment.

The factory has 8 8-layer inverse calciners and 2 ring calciners. There is an advanced one-stop production line from crushing, screening, molding, calcination to finished products. Our leading products are: anode crushing 50000 tons / year; 20000 tons / year of blast furnace carbon brick; All kinds of carbon increasing agents, reducing agents and catalysts are 100000 tons / year in total.

In order to receive domestic and foreign merchants, we have built Hongda apartment with swimming pool, garden and green belt. It provides a comfortable leisure and entertainment environment for domestic and foreign businessmen who come to visit and negotiate business.

Based on the principle of high starting point and high quality, Hongda Petrochemical has won the trust and support of customers with years of production experience, advanced production technology, strict production management, excellent product quality, and obtained the qualification certificate of import and export enterprise of the people's Republic of China in 2000 [approval No.: lwjm (2000) QDZ No. 73]. The products are exported to the international market while supplying the domestic market. In October 2001, it has obtained GT / T19001-2000 quality system certification.

Hongda people will win the trust and support of customers with high-level modern management and satisfactory products. We are willing to work together to achieve success.